Who Is Jeff Richards?

Proclaimed "the world's next Kreskin" and “Canada’s most controversial mentalist” by the Press, Jeff Richards has captivated audiences for more than a decade. From Victoria, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia; thousands have witnessed Jeff pulling intimate thoughts from the minds of his audience and performing incredible feats of mentalism.

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Jeff has spent his entire life on the prairie “bleeding green” and enjoying the wonderful opportunities that present themselves in Canada’s west. As a child Jeff knew he had a gift to share with the world. A born performer, one of his earliest onstage moments was a loosely choreographed dance routine in the third grade to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Naturally a sceptic, Jeff’s youth was spent delving into the paranormal, attending University and performing on stage. His future and direction changed when he discovered it was possible to blend his love of the paranormal and his own natural intuitive ability with the world of entertainment and spectacle. Jeff’s thoughts and past experiences were forever changed, again, when Jeff survived a car collision involving 4 vehicles. It had been only weeks prior that Jeff had had a dream about that very accident; seeing, feeling and experiencing every detail as if it was really occurring. The several weeks of bed confinement that followed the accident allowed Jeff the time to analyse and question everything he had known about intuition.

In addition to reading body language, knowing someone’s thoughts and teaching others how to enhance their natural intuitive skill, Jeff has also shown that it is possible to predict the future. He is responsible for predicting a number of global events long before they occurred; from the outcome of a major American trial, the removal of Pluto’s planetary status, to government elections and national sporting events. Jeff and his predictions have been featured on both the radio and in print. Visit the Media Gallery to listen to a few of Jeff’s radio appearances.

In 2006 Jeff began to expand his interests even more – making several attempts to contact the ‘other side’. Lately, his séance work has become widely talked about, discussed and debated. A recent fundraising event was cancelled due to fear and threatened backlash from various special interest groups and organizations. These events gained him the title of “Canada’s most controversial mentalist” from the Canadian National Post and caused a nationwide debate. Jeff’s constant critical personality and the interest in paranormal phenomena tend to lead Jeff into all areas of the unknown.

Jeff currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan with his wife Sherrise and their two sons Ozzy and Nate.

    Quirky facts about Jeff:
  • he enjoys melted ice cream. In fact, Jeff normally heats a bowl of ice cream in the microwave for a few seconds before eating it.
  • his birthday is the 21st of December [the date the world is predicted to end in 2012, according to the Mayan calendar].

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